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Can't open report (PDF attachment) especially from Yahoo Mail

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Author: support
Created: 1/28/2009
Modified: 6/22/2010
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For some reason people on Yahoo Mail occasionally have problems opening the pdf document, no other sites have this problem. We think there is some kind of bug involved with Yahoo, Adobe and Microsoft. When we tell people to update their adobe reader that fixes the problem.
The latest as of January 2009 is version 9.3. Acrobat can be temperamental and breaks down a lot, also this document has lots of fonts and graphics in it that tax the limits of the program.
You can download the latest version here,

However we also recommend another pdf reader program called Foxit Reader, this program seems more reliable and simpler and faster, we've never had any problems with it.

The difficulties on Yahoo might also be because they've changed the way that attachments work on the newer versions of Yahoo Mail and it's a little more confusing.
When you click on the attachment it first does a virus scan then you click on the 'download' button and then your web browser (I.E., Firefox, etc) should ask you if you want to save the file to your hard disk or open it with the default program. (sometimes it won't ask you this question if you told it to never ask you this question again. In which case it's probably saving it somewhere on your hard disk.) But choose the 'open it' option if you can, it's easier. Otherwise you have to make note of where the file is being saved (select my documents if you can) so you can go find the download later and double click on it to open it.

(If the 'open it' option isn't working and you don't want to update your pdf readers then try the 'save to disk option' instead and then open up your 'my documents' or 'my computer' folders and locate the file and double click on it from there, this may work better. If this still doesn't work then you probably need to update the reader. Especially if it seems to work but the astro glyphs are not coming out properly.)

Also if you would like, let us know if you have a different non yahoo address that we can send it to instead. You can do this by replying to either the report email or the sales receipt that you received in the email.

Best Regards
Ray White.

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