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Adding new/updated Asteroids to Solar Fire Gold (V.7)

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Created: 5/26/2009
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Additional asteroids can be added to Solar Fire by downloading them from the swiss ephemeris web site, although this is a very advanced process that requires some computer knowledge about files and folders and ftp downloading. You will need to know how to use the window explorer program to browse the contents of your hard disk and insert files into the program files area.

(The links below come from the swiss ephemeris site. You can browse to and click on 'swiss ephemeris for programmers' for more information or if the below links no longer work. cannot help you install the files into Solar Fire, contact Astrolabe if you have problems.)

First you need to know the number of the asteroid that you want to add.
Here is the doc file that lists all the asteroids on
Wikipedia or are good places to go for this also.

The swiss ephemeris asteriod files currently come in two flavors,
Files that go back in time 3000 years and files that go back 300 years.
Not all asteroids may be available in the 3000 year list so I will give both links.
The longer +-3000 year files are here,
and the shorter files are here

Inside these folders you will see a bunch of numbered folders starting with Ast they are
numbered in the thousands. For instance the files for asteroid number 175124 will be in a folder called Ast175

You need to download the file(s) you want and then save them to a certain location in your 'common files' folder.

It's important to know that In Solar Fire Gold the swiss ephemeris asteroid files are now kept in a new location.
They now go into  a sub folder inside of your 'Common Files' folder. By default in 32 bit windows this will be
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Esoteric Technologies\SwissEph
on 64 bit it is
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Esoteric Technologies\SwissEph
If this doesn't seem right you can double check your ephemeris path in solar fire by going to 'preferences' / 'edit settings' / 'ephemerides' and it will be listed there.

Inside your swiss ephemeris folder you will find a bunch of folders starting with Ast they are
numbered in the thousands. This is the same as on the web site.
For instance asteroid number 175124 should go
into a folder called Ast175
Chances are you will probably have to create
the folder first and then dump the asteroid file inside it.

Once the files are in the proper place then you also need to add the new
asteroids into your asteroid file so they will appear on the list in the program. To
do that go to 'chart options' / 'files' / 'asteroid files' and press the
'edit button' (if you use more than one of these asteroid files you need
to edit all of them). In this asteroid selection screen make sure that 'swiss ephemeris' is selected in the upr right hand corner and press the
'refresh list' button. This can take a while (if there are errors don't
worry just ignore them and continue) when it's finished you should now see the new asteroids on the
'unselected' list and you can click on them to move them over to the
'selected' list.

If you run into problems on almost any screen in solar fire press the F1 key on the keyboard to get context sensitive help that explains all the options on that page.

If you are using the asteroids in the extra ring points wheels then you
next need to go into those extra ring points files also and add the asteroids in there.
To do that click on 'chart options' / 'extra ring points' then press the edit button to edit the selected extra ring points file.
(You may need to edit more than one of these files if you use more than one of them).
On this "Extra Point Selection" page make sure that you have 'asteroid' selected under 'point type' and make sure that the correct asteroid file (the one you just updated) is selected under the 'select file' button. Then you can select the new asteroids from the 'available points' list and press the 'add' button to add them.

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