All About Nova Chartwheels’ Astro Planner

Did you know that Nova Chartwheels includes a complete Astro Planner that synchs with Palm Pilots and Outlook and creates a personal calendar that you can print out? This is great for keeping track of your appointments as well as your daily personal transits, progressions and solar arc directions.

But, the Astro Planner Calendar is also a useful promotional tool for your client work. If your astro practice is anything like mine, you have a variety of clients, all with differing needs. But, all of them will benefit from their own Astro-Planner calendar. You can create individualized calendars for all your clients and even add your own personal comments about the quality of the day. These can be delivered in either print format or as files for use in Palm Pilots or Outlook.

It’s easy to do:

First, you need to create the calendar:

• Open the chart

• Click on the Client Tab and open the AstroPlanner

• Open the Grippy Side Bar and click on New Calendar

• Enter the name for the calendar

Then, you need to calculate the dynamic transits, progressions and/or directions for the calendar:

• While viewing the chart, open the grippy side bar.

• Click on the Dynamic Tab

• Click on the calculate button and enter your forecast criteria

Then, add the dynamic info to the Calendar:

• Click on the Add 2 button

To print or export the info, click on the File button in the Astro Planner.

The Astro-Planner is just one of the many great tools for the busy professional that you’ll find in Nova Chartwheels. The program has many client management features. In addition to keeping notes on your client, you can keep track of how much time you spend working on their chart and create an invoice. This is great for those of us who do a lot of Electional work. And, you can associate or link other charts with one keyl chart so that you have instant access to those charts at a moment’s notice. No more searching for the charts of your client’s ex-spouse, children and parents. But, Nova Chartwheels crowning glory is its implementation of multi-media extensions. At the touch of a button or two, record a CD of your consultation. Or, use the video screen capture with your voice for consultation or teaching!

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