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Astro*Intelligence reports are the world's only computerized astrological reports that re-create the thinking process used by world-famous astrologers when they interpret a horoscope. The result is a series of reports that are both amazingly accurate and piercingly insightful. Thanks to expert systems, a state of the art programming technique, you can benefit from the wisdom of Liz Greene or Robert Hand at a fraction of the cost of a personal consultation!

Who are Robert Hand and Liz Greene?

Robert Hand is a world-renowned astrologer and author who has written several classic texts on astrology. His Planets in Transit: Cycles for Living has sold over 150,000 copies and has been translated into several languages. Mr. Hand is noted for his pioneering work in astrological techniques and is a founder of our company, Astrolabe.

Liz Greene, Ph.D. is a world-famous astrologer, Jungian analyst and author noted for her uniquely powerful synthesis of depth psychology, myth, archetypes and astrology. Her powerful understanding of human behavior coupled with a gifted writing style make her reports especially appropriate for those interested in deep exploration of the human experience.

The Money and Success Horoscope

Astrologer and psychologist Markus Jehle describes your potential for success and how you can use it to create personal happiness. This report covers your approach to the world, your attitude towards money and possessions, developing your talents and making the most of resources, other people's money, risk taking and more. Specify gender, birth date, time, and place. $55   Buy Online    See Sample Report (pdf)

Psychological Horoscope Analysis

Liz Greene’s unique interpretation of the birth chart focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of your psychological type. She discusses the conscious and unconscious aspects of your personality, the psychological atmosphere during your childhood, typical patterns in your relationships and the best way towards integration and development. The text is lively, thought-provoking, psychologically deep and free of all "astrologese." The analysis is a serious discussion of an adult person's problems in life and, therefore, is not offered for children under 14. 18-25 pp. Specify gender, birth date, time, and place. $65   Buy Online    See Sample Report (pdf)

Career and Vocation Horoscope

Liz Greene describes what sort of work would suit the basic temperament, specific aptitudes and skills, based on particular configurations. She deals with the limitations and problems someone might have to confront and describes the attitude a person has toward success and achievement. Finally, she shows us what essential values a person needs to express in order to feel that they are making the best of their lives. Specify gender, birth date, time, and place. $65   Buy Online   See Sample Report (pdf)

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Child’s Horoscope

Liz Greene uses her deep understanding of astrology and psychology to give parents her special insight into their child’s personality. Discover a child’s psychological type, talents, needs and anxieties enabling him/her to find and follow the right path. 20-25 pp. Specify gender, birth date, time and place. $65   Buy Online    See Sample Report (pdf)

Long-Term Perspectives: 6 Year Horoscope

What can astrology tell us as we move into the 21st Century? And, what does this important time promise for you as an individual? In this 45-50 page report, Liz Greene looks at your selected transits and progressions for a six year period to help you understand your place in the new age. Generational cycles, outer planet transits and the chart of your birth country are also examined. Specify gender, birth date, time, place and starting year. $65   Buy Online    See Sample Report (pdf)

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Yearly Horoscope Analysis

Liz Greene's "The Meaning of the Time" uses selected transits and progressions to explore the year's main themes as well as outlining the prevalent themes for each month. She also discusses the trends in each sphere of life: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual. The text focuses primarily on the inner developments, conflicts, changes and realizations which reflect the real meaning of time. 40-50 pp. Specify gender, birth date, time, place and starting month. $65   Buy Online   See Sample Report (pdf)

Relationship Horoscope

Liz Greene’s relationship analysis is for any two adults over 18 who are having a love relationship. The report analyzes what brings you together, the essence of the relationship and the deeper issues activated inside you as a result of the relationship. 20-25 pp. Specify date, time, birthplace and gender of both partners. $70   Buy Online    See Sample Report (pdf)

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Horoscope for Two

The wisdom of the soul reveals itself most explicitly when we enter into a union with another person. While the interpretations of Horoscope for Two presupposes a high degree of commitment between the partners, the report is not for lovers only. Even close friends or business rivals can gain insight into the meaning of their relationship. In this 15-18 page report, Mona Reigger examines the Davision chart (one chart cast for midway between two births) to help us understand the message of the relationship and its influence in our life. $40   Buy Online    See Sample Report (pdf)

Transits of the Year

Robert Hand’s approach to interpreting transits integrates the events that may happen, the feelings you may experience and the possibilities of each transit for growth and awareness. Rob uses your age, factors in your natal chart and the current transits to focus on the prevalent themes of the year ahead. 25-28 pages; covers 12 months of selected transits. Specify gender, birth date, time, place and starting month. $60   Buy Online    See Sample Report (pdf)

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Astro-Intelligence reports are not recommended for people who do not know their birth time at least within an hour. An accurate birth time makes for an accurate report. Unless you specify the type of time in use, we assume that the time you give is the type of time legally in use in that year and locality. We will if necessary convert Daylight or War time to Standard Time according to the best sources available. Remember that 12 AM is midnight and begins the day; 12 PM is noon. Placidus houses are used in all Astro*Intelligence reports.

As preferred by Dr. Liz Greene, the Psychological Horoscope, Relationship Horoscope, Yearly Horoscope and Concise Partner Horoscope cannot be done for people under age 14.