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Support for Many Schools and Traditions

Classical, Medieval and Horary

• Traditional Square Charts are included in a dozen pages designed specifically for classical astrology.

• Traditional Planet Sets and Rulerships are available, plus unlimited user-definable Arabic parts (which include the traditional Part of Fortune and other Parts that differ for day and night births). There are also fixed stars, including a set of the 31 stars described by Ptolemy.

• Traditional House Systems include Whole Signs, Alcabitius and other appropriate houses.

• Traditional Aspect Types include moieties and sign-to-sign aspects.

• Traditional Tables include complete essential dignity scores; the almuten (Ibn Ezra) and essential dignity (Ptolemy and Dorothean/Egyptian) total for each planet; mutual receptions (including by exaltation, triplicity, term and face); house almutens; chart hylegs (Ptolemy, Omar and Bonatti versions); planetary sect; tables of aspects to the Moon, fixed stars or Arabic parts; horary considerations; the chart’s planetary hour, day, and year; planetary hours for the entire day; and nearest lunar phases or eclipses. In addition, flexible lists of planets, stars and Arabic parts can include your choice of columns for house rulership, dispositor, dispositor’s house, antiscion, contra-antiscion, tropical and sidereal Arabic lunar mansion, and other relevant information.

• Traditional Predictive Techniques include firdaria (Schoener and nodal variation types), annual profections, directions by Egyptian or Ptolemaic terms, and primary directions (Ptolemy degree-for-a-year, Naibod, and natal solar rates as well as modern Van Dam primaries).

• Arabic Parts Editor. This enables you to modify over 100 pre-defined parts and also create new ones, each with its own name and abbreviation. The factors in the A+B-C formulas can be planets, house cusps, rulers, dispositors, other Parts, the prenatal lunation or any specified degree in the zodiac -- and the formulas can differ for day and night births. You can create and store different sets of Arabic parts for different uses.

• Rulership Editor. This enables you modify the included Modern, Traditional, Esoteric and Hierarchical rulership schemes or create new ones.

• Dignity/Almuten Editor. This unique selection window lets you set the scoring for computing essential dignities, define how almutens are calculated, and specify a wide variety of parameters from different ancient, medieval and Renaissance schools.

• Chart and Electional Searches will find charts and time periods that have any of 7 horary considerations -- Sun above the horizon, Asc near a sign boundary, and Moon void (by standard or Lilly method), waxing, fast or in the Via Combusta. These search features can also find charts where a given planet, cusp or other point (or its ruler, almuten, antiscion or contra-antiscion) is in any of 20 specified types of dignity. In addition, they can do things like finding charts where a planet, point or cusp (or its ruler, almuten, etc.) is a given planet, or is in a given sign or house, or is in a given aspect to any other point or specified degree.

Cosmobiology and Uranian

• 90-Degree and Other Dials feature a movable pointer that highlights midpoint axes and shows when the midpointing planets are also in aspect. Dials, which you can customize, can hold 1 to 4 charts and are fully functional in both the static and the animated chart views.

• Midpoints: There are midpoint trees and lists of midpoint axis structures; midpoint lists sorted by planet, modulus or mode; and Munkasey Midpoint Weighting Analysis tables that show which midpoints are the most active. You can also include selected midpoints in the extra-points ring of wheels and dials.

For forecasting with midpoints, Solar Fire’s dynamic hitlists, time map graphs and Ebertin-style graphic ephemerides can all include not only natal but also transiting, progressed and directed midpoints. In addition, you can generate table-style ephemerides that show the positions of transiting midpoints at regular intervals.

• Arc Directions: In directed charts, hitlists, time maps and graphic ephemerides, you can do solar arc and other directions by forward or reverse whole, half or double arcs. In addition, you can use solar-arc-directed graphic ephemerides to create Cosmobiology “life diagrams.”

• Graphic Modulus Sort Strips are like linear dials. They let you see at a glance how the chart points relate to each other in various harmonics. You can create sort strips in any modulus (for example 360-, 30-, 45- 72- and 90-degree) and arrange strips for different moduli on the same page.

• Planetary Pictures: Solar Fire’s Arabic Parts Editor enables you to create unlimited Uranian A+B-C combinations to appear as sensitive points in wheels and tables.

• Sorted Difference Listings of all pairs of points in a chart are a simple and elegant way to see both midpoint axes and planetary pictures. They sort the near and far arcs between every planetary pair in order of arc size. Pairs with nearly the same arc are on the same midpoint axis -- which means that they form a planetary picture.

• Antiscia and Contra-antiscia charts and tables.

• 8 Uranian Planets plus the Aries Point.

• Ebertin-Style Medical Degree Meanings are available by clicking on any degree in the chart wheel or by selecting Degrees in the natal interpretation report.

Esoteric and Prenatal

• Esoteric Planets and points. The standard planet set includes Vulcan (both the Douglas Baker and the L.H. Weston versions) and the heliocentric position of the Earth, which you can put into geocentric charts. Extra points include the esoterically important Jayne hypothetical bodies Sigma, Pan, Isis, Morya, Hermes, Osiris, Midas, and Lion.

• Esoteric Planet and Sign Colors: User-modifiable color schemes based on the esoteric ray, sign and planet.

• Esoteric Aspects, including the quintile, septile and novile.

• Esoteric and Hierarchical Rulerships.

• 7 Rays: Listed in tables, depicted in graphs, and interpreted in the natal report. You can compute the distribution of rays using either weighted or unweighted planets. You can also include rays of planetary dispositors.

• Prenatal Epoch Charts: 18 types, including E.H. Bailey and Charles Jayne charts for conception and quickening, make Solar Fire’s prenatal options the most complete anywhere.


• Zodiacs include 15 of the most popular ayanamsas, plus you can create your own. In Solar Fire 7, you can quickly toggle between the sidereal and tropical versions of a chart.

• Houses: Hindu Bhava and Whole Sign (rasi) houses included.

• Charts: Square North or South Indian style. New detailed nakshatra table shows the lunar mansion of each planet, and its traditional quality.

• Predictive: Dasa/bhukti tables.

• Divisional Charts: 20 types, including harmonics 2-12, 16, 20, 24, 27, 30, 40, 45 and 60. Both Iyer and classical types of 11th harmonic chart.


• Year Pillar: In page designs you can include a table showing the year’s animal, Chinese element and yin/yang polarity, calculated correctly from the date of the Chinese New Year.

• Lunar Mansion: Table includes the Chinese lunar mansion of each point in chart, with the mansion’s number, Chinese and English name, associated images and the lucky or unlucky quality.

Huber Method

• Koch House System.

• Huber-Style wheels and a Huber page design.

• Huber Colors and Aspect Lines: Full user control of sign, planet and aspect colors. Also, control of aspect-line styles and widths.

• Huber Student Aspect Patterns: Four are included in the aspect filtering feature and in the chart and time searches.

Computer System Requirements

Solar Fire Gold v. 7 is available either as a download with no manual or as a CD. Shipping charges willapply to CD purchase. There are no shipping charges on the download.

Please note: The Solar Fire Gold - v.7 download is not available immediately. You will receive an email from with a link to the download page and your serial number and password. These emails will be sent during business hours, Mon-Fri, Eastern Time and it may take us up to a business day or two to process your order. Our office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. You should not attempt the download without broadband/high speed internet connection. Even with high speed connections, this download could take as long as a half hour. Please be patient.

Solar Fire v. 7.3 Gold with built-in ACS atlas (CD version includes printed manual), $325

Upgrade from Version 7.1 - Free Downoad, CD version, $25 (no manual)

Upgrade from Version 7.0 - $50 (no mnual)

Upgrade from Version 6 - no manual, $99; with manual (CD version only), $114

Upgrade from Version 3, 4 or 5 - no manual, $129; with manual, $144.

Upgrade from Version 2 (includes manual), $169

Upgrade from Solar Fire 1 or Nova (includes manual), $289

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